Asia Croson is a self-made entrepreneur, philanthropist and all around girl boss! She is primarily a photographer and built her business around photographing college age women for graduation photos as well as future engagements, weddings and family shoots.

When not taking beautiful photos Asia works on her own magazine, hosts Build Your Own Business seminars, plans clothing swaps and manages a non-profit for women. She is the definition of a multi-passionate entrepreneur and her impact on the community is wide spread. 

Asia created her non-profit Girls Who Handle It to showcase young women who are dealing with unbelievable difficulties that most people do not ever know about. It is an art exhibit event where attendees will read stories & see photos of these young women.

Girls Who Handle It is about increasing the level of public vulnerability and advocate for a community of honest sharing and acceptance amongst women, specifically in contrast to what is portrayed on their social media profiles. 

Asia is passionate about helping young women discover their most genuinely beautiful self, and reaching as many people as she can through her photography and community programs. 

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Alex Beadon is a online business GURU who creates a one-of-a-kind transformational and educational experience for people who want to adopt this online business model for themselves. She teaches her clients how to use the online business model to add meaning, money and freedom into their lives.

It all started when she herself was a photographer. She was creating high quality, consistent content on social media, and growing an audience FAST! At some point she decided to start selling photoshop actions. Alex had very low expectations so she was shocked that within a year, the Photoshop actions business generated over $100,000 USD in online sales without a single dollar spent on advertising.

Not only was the money fantastic, but my lifestyle dramatically changed. No longer was she chasing down every photography job, and working herself to death. That's when she knew that she wanted to be teaching and learning as much as she possibly could about the online business model, particularly the information business model, where you sell your knowledge and expertise as digital products in the form of courses and educational materials.

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