Chloe May is an Asian-American video producer and host currently working as an Executive Assistant at Boardwalk Pictures, a production company in Los Angeles, CA. 

With a passion for visual storytelling and journalism, Chloe has been creating original content on YouTube for over 10 years ranging from the topics of music, sustainable fashion and travel to comedy and advice. Back in 2018, Chloe launched Locationship, a spontaneous travel series to cities around the world which she produces and hosts. 

Chloe attended Dodge College of Film and Media Arts at Chapman University, where she majored in Broadcast Journalism and Documentary with a minor in Public Relations. Throughout college, Chloe took on six internships in the entertainment industry where she gained skills in creative development, production, digital marketing and talent relations. 

After graduation, Chloe landed her first job at Warner Bros. Entertainment where she worked as a Social Media Coordinator and Associate Producer for Employer Branding. She later realized that her true passion was producing, which inspired the career move to her current job at Boardwalk Pictures, which is responsible for producing her favorite shows including Chef’s Table, Street Food and most recently, Cheer. 

As a young woman of color, Chloe hopes to become a successful producer one day, using her platform to tell vibrant and inspiring stories about the world and people in it.

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One location. One day. No itinerary. This is Locationship!

Locationship is Chloe's spontaneous journey to cities around the world! Instead of sticking to a boring travel guide, she tracks down the locals to plan her entire day. Whatever they recommend, she does! It's a hybrid of storytelling, travel and culture that reveals a city through the lens of the people who call it home.

A city's story starts with its people so always remember to connect with others and live in the moment!

And don't forget, live your life without limits. 

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