Haley Pavone (Founder & CEO at Pashion Footwear) is an entrepreneur whose ambition & passion for innovation led her to create the largest disruptive advancement women's footwear has ever seen - the world's first fully convertible heel.

Pavone founded the company as a junior in college and in the 3.5 years since she has developed her innovative product’s technology, built out an all-star team of hustlers & shoe dogs, secured patent-pending status in 30 countries, executed the first four rounds of
production with phenomenal customer satisfaction ratings and raised over $2.4 million dollars in seed funding. Hard-working & efficient, Pavone built the company while still graduating on-time with her Business Entrepreneurship degree from California Polytechnic
State University, SLO.

Pavone's true talent comes from her ability to rally people behind her vision. A charismatic & persuasive public speaker, Pavone has become both the visionary and face behind this up-and-coming fashion tech brand. Her wins at several startup competitions as well as
appearances on a variety of TV shows, radio shows and in print publications have earned her a reputation as an exciting and effective company spokesperson.

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Pashion Footwear dreams of a day where women can fully customize their convertible high heels to assure that their shoes can adapt to their day as epically as they do. Their convertible heel technology allows for quick and easy transformation from a comfortable high heel to a flexible and practical flat sandal. 

Pavone founded Pashion Footwear because women should not have to sacrifice comfort for style. The women of today are hustling...we’ve got careers, social lives, families, travel - you name it, we’re doing it all. The last thing we should be worrying about is if we will regret our footwear choice a few hours into the day. Traditional heels are outdated, un-innovative and completely disregard the daily life of real women. Convertible heels, however, can and WILL keep up with you, wherever you’re headed. Practical + Fashion = Pashion... that is the core of what we stand for

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