Hannah is the owner and maker behind Sea to Seed jewelry. She loves creating things with her hands, spending time in the ocean, growing food, and dancing her heart out to latin music.

After years of jewelry design as a hobby, Sea to Seed came to life in the summer of 2016.

Sea to Seed is inspired by her love for nature and the beauty of a simple life. The happiest years of Hannah's life were spent covered in soil and rinsing off with a sunset surf. Her intention with each piece is to channel some of the joy and inspiration she found while planting the tiniest of seeds or paddling into the foggy abyss in the chilly North Pacific. All of Hannah's jewelry is made by hand in her sunny studio in Blue Lake, California.

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All necklaces are made with 14k gold fill or sterling silver chain, wire, and clasps. These necklaces are made to last for years with proper care. Refrain from wearing in the shower, river, ocean, or storing in constant sunlight. However, if worn in the ocean or river just be sure to rinse in fresh water (and dry) directly after.

Custom Orders - I love to make custom orders. Please let me know what you're thinking (specific size, color, metal, stone, etc.) and we can make it happen. Pricing will vary depending on materials.

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