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Jessica Culverson is a social media mogul born and raised in Los Angeles. She has been flexing her creative muscles since finding her passion for social media through internships and early career opportunities. After graduating from Arizona State with a degree in Communication & Marketing she immediately moved back to Los Angeles and is now working closely with some of the industry’s leading talent. 

As an Account Manager at The Edit her day to day is ever-changing and she is constantly in multiple lanes at once. She launches brands from the ground up, executes trending social media campaigns, produces aesthetic photoshoots, measures data and analytics, attends large-scale events, and monitors her client’s digital success down to the hour. 

Most recently, The Edit was featured in Forbes as the social media agency taking over Los Angeles. After interning and now working at The Edit, Jessica offers relevant insight into the world of social media and upcoming trends to look out for. She is passionate about helping creatives tell their story through the lens of these platforms and strategize how to best reach and inspire their audiences. 

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A female-founded creative social media agency that builds lifestyle, beauty, celebrity & fashion brands and personalities into trending and relevant household names.

They deliver - on a grand scale. Our clients reach 50 million people per day on Instagram alone, and nearly 90 million consumers per day across platforms.

They know what incentivizes shoppers, what inspires consumers to tap that heart button, what influences millennials. Edit Media group specializes in creating that can’t-miss content, writing those why-didn’t-I-come-up-with-that taglines, and conceptualizing those witty and trending hashtags. 

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