Jordana Lilly is a California born and bred writer, actor, comedian and songstress. After growing up in the Silicon Valley and feeling stupid all her life because she wasn't Steve Jobs, she went on to find her niche and recieved her BFA in Theatre Performance from Chapman University, then moved to LA and has been an impatient driver ever since!

Since graduating, Jordana has starred in a plethora of cool weird immersive theatre experiences, funny films, and plenty of bad plays. She's studied at the Groundlings, Lesly Kahn, Margie Haber and all those flashy places yet somehow she still isn't famous contrary to the expectations she made for herself before graduating and entering the real world. She's thankful she hasn't "made it" yet, because it forced her to write content and create roles for herself and now she's in love with writing!

She recently produced, wrote, and starred in Undie Run, a short film which recently had its LA premiere and did well in the festival circuit. She also co-created a digital mini series Influential, which gained her a feature in Yahoo News. Jordana regularly writes and performs comedic musical content because she wants to be Rachel Bloom when she grows up. Except Jordana's totally her own person! She's unique! She's Jewish! Wait...shoot Rachel is too. One of Jordana's original satirical music videos was featured by Market Watch and she is currently writing and developing a stage musical that is hopefully going to make people laugh and cry.

She is also a singer/songwriter who regularly performs at some of Hollywood's most sought-out music destinations such as Black Rabbit Rose, The Mint and Hotel Cafe. This past year she released and album and a single which caught the attention of publications like Musique Mood who gassed her up online and said things like: "She’s definitely an artist to keep on your release radar!" She didn't even pay them to say that! When she's not on some type of stage, she is performing stand-up and writing and producing comedy content for her quickly growing audience.

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Psychic School is a comedy series about a top-secret night school for psychics. It explores the ideas of predetermined fate, metaphysics, and free will. It's a fresh new take on magical realism, with a grounded approach set in modern day Los Angeles. Who doesn't love a "chosen one" storyline!?

Our plan is to go all the way with this show! Although we are initially fundraising for the pilot, after we complete it, we will work our booties off to pitch it around and submit it to festivals. Then, next stop...season 1! Then 2! Then 3! Then 4! We wanna make a show you can binge...but every bingable show starts with a solid pilot to introduce you to a brand new world!

We are so excited to bring our show, created and produced by women and starring a strong and hilarious female lead, to our community. Psychic School is a series about finding yourself even when you feel like an outcast. It's a show full of warmth, comedy, and becoming the hero of your own story.

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