Koo is Chinese from her dad's side and Persian from her mom's, hence "Persianese". Born in Los Gatos, CA, she was a member of a Jazz Choir which sang at Carnegie Hall in New York City and performed in numerous musicals.

Parissa is based in Los Angeles, CA singing and acting. She has played "Nina" in the "In the Heights" West Coast Regional Premiere, starred in the Hollywood Fringe Festival's "Killer Party: A Staged Reading", and co-starred on Disney's "Liv & Maddie".

You can find her performing with For the Record Live: Brat Pack as "The Princess" on Norwegian Cruise line's Escape from November 2016 to May 2017.

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The Warner Loughlin Technique empowers the actor to create rich, nuanced and unique characters. Discover powerful ways to unlock your creativity in a psychologically safe way, and rediscover the passion and joy in your work.

Shooting out of sequence, multiple takes, working in extreme close-up or with multiple cameras were not requirements when the craft of acting was created; and while the medium has evolved, most techniques for actors, have not. Many schools of acting still teach skills that apply mainly to theater rather than television and film.

Is all your theater training for naught? Not at all. Simply put, Warner’s innovative approach empowers you and serves you from audition to set. Actors in film, TV, and stage – beginners and award-winners alike – find this Technique effective, deeply meaningful, extremely powerful and very importantly, psychologically safe.

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Nail your next performance, whether you’re prepping for an audition, shooting a last-minute rewrite, or working on the same character for a decade.

What we teach isn’t some “new and improved” acting technique. It’s just a far more comprehensive way of reading the page.

It’s practical. It’s empowering. (Frankly, it’s pretty obvious.) We’re a bit mystified by the fact that no one else seems to be teaching it.

But make no mistake: There is work involved. LK&Co. isn’t for the faint of heart.

You want to work as an actor. Not just study. That’s why we provide real-world career guidance and feedback you can use right now.

We want you to work your butt off now, so that soon you can live your dream.

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Lesley Kahn- Comedy INtensive

The Hollywood Acting Workshop is a great place for new actors to get started learning about acting and how to break into the television, commercial and film industry. Throughout our class and workshop sessions, we provide you with all of the pertinent up-to-date information on the who, what, when, where and how of the business, including the best ways to maximize audition exposure to get the jobs!

With continuous guidance from our instructors, you will learn that, for the sake of simplicity, there are 5 steps to succeeding (as discussed below). Overall, you need to: (1) get some television and film acting training (not theatre or stage training); (2) get a great headshot; (3) put yourself out there and perform so that you could build credits on your resume; (4) market yourself by finding out who the agents are and what they do (e.g., casting directors, managers); and (5) then continue training, improving and marketing yourself while being very professional and active.

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HOllywood Acting Workshop